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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don't understand [insert puzzle here]! Am I missing something?
A. Yes.
Q. What's with the PASS button?
A. We've added the PASS button in case you get totally stumped. It won't give you the answer or any points, but it will let you move on. However, you only get one pass at a time. Once you've used a pass, you have to then earn another 1,000 points to get the next one. This means that you'll only have the opportunity to use one pass on the fiendish final level, so make your choice carefully!
Q. Why do I have to wait until my time is up before I use the PASS button?
A. Patience! We don't expect you to be able to answer each card immediately, so take some time thinking about it. If you get stuck, press CANCEL and try a different card. If you haven't used up the full 90 seconds for a card, you're not trying hard enough!
Q. How do I "tweet" my score on Twitter?
A. If you select "SCORES" on the game's menu bar, you should see a "t" button. This lets you configure the game to use your Twitter account and, subsequently, to tweet your score on demand. You can also set it to automatically tweet your score each time you complete a level. To disable, you can go to your "Connections" page on Twitter and revoke the "Dingbats for iPhone" access.
Q. I've completed the game! What now?
A. Well done! We think we've chosen some fiendishly difficult Kingbats for the final level, so it's a real achievement to complete them. Why don't you start a new game and see if you can do it any quicker, or get a higher score. You might even get to the top of the in-game scoreboard!
Q. The game crashes or runs jerkily!
A. In our experience, the most common reason for an app crashing is lack of memory: if you've got a lot of other stuff going on -- such as downloading email or a lot of web pages open -- the iPhone can get bogged down. While we've taken steps to address this and we think it's unlikely, it might be worth restarting your device before playing to clear things up. In addition, we recommend you upgrade to iPhone OS 3.0 if you haven't already done so. If none of these help, please email us!

Contact us

We'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or if you need help with the game. You can email us on info@dingbats.net, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We also have a discussion forum on Facebook where you can chat with other players.