The Wall of DINGBATS®

This is a live -- well, almost live -- representation of the DINGBATS® world: each time one of our players gets a puzzle correct, the card they solved is highlighted.

Q. You say "almost live"... what does that mean?
A. For technical reasons, the data is delayed by about twenty minutes. Put simply, if it was only delayed by a few seconds, everyone's computer would be checking our server every few seconds, and that wouldn't be a good plan. This way, we give you twenty minutes of data at a time.
Q. Nothing's happening!
A. Wait a bit longer... maybe it's just a lull. Game activity seems to go in cycles, during the day and during the week. Download the game for yourself and tell everyone you know. If you tell enough people, maybe they can keep the Wall flashing, twenty-four hours a day!
Q. What about privacy? How come you're getting all of this data?!
A. When we wrote the game, we decided to record how long our players are taking to solve the puzzles. While we've taken care to arrange the puzzles by difficulty and to get a good range of puzzles, we really, really want to find out how easy or difficult everyone else thinks they are! However, don't worry... we only record the player's name as they entered it; their country code; and the timing stats. Plus, any player can prevent their information from being sent to us by using the "Upload Scores" switch in the app.
Q. How do I switch off that infernal pinging sound?
A. There should be a tickbox in the top-right. Untick it. Failing that, close the browser window: it'll stop real quick.
Q. Whoa.. a whole bunch of puzzles suddenly flashed at once! What was that?
A. The app queues up data until the iPhone in question gets a good internet connection. So, if you spend a really long time playing the game while in a railway tunnel, the Wall will go mental when you reach Calais.
Q. Why are they all blurry and pixellated?
A. You get to see the puzzles in all their glory if you buy the game ;-)
Q. I'm using Microsoft Internet Explorer, and it doesn't work!
A. We're working on fixing that! We've tested the Wall in Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4, and we recommend you use one of those.

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